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Pain Treatment

Seeing A Chiropractor For Stiff Neck Issues

Chiropractor For Stiff NeckOne of the most common spinal column issues we see at Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness Center is pain or discomfort caused by a stiff neck. Choosing to seek relief from a chiropractor for stiff neck issues could be the quickest and most holistic way to treat your ailment.

First, it is important to determine the cause of your stiff neck. If you have suffered from an accident or a major fall, be sure to mention this during your preliminary consultation with Dr. Richard Schwartz. By reviewing your medical history, Dr. Schwartz can better determine the origins of your pain and provide more effective care.

Once your history has been discussed, Dr. Schwartz can begin your treatment. Through manual manipulation of the musculoskeletal system, many ailments that cause a patient to suffer from a stiff neck can be quickly resolved.

In some cases, curing a stiff neck might require more than one visit. Some stiff neck issues are caused by something as basic as a misalignment which can easily be manipulated back into place. However, some issues may require multiple visits, adjustments to other areas of your body, exercises to improve posture, or therapeutic massage. In the long-term, gentle stretches and occasional visits back at the office for an adjustment or massage may be required.

Whatever the cause of your discomfort, seeing a chiropractor for stiff neck pain and discomfort could be the best option for you. By treating your body as a whole and determining the root cause of your pain, Dr. Schwartz can set you on the holistic path towards comfort and relief.

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