New Patient Information

What You Can Expect on Your First Chiropractic Visit

Chiropractic care is a treatment plan that takes the whole body, mind, and spirit into account. It is done using no drugs and no surgical intervention and is a healing profession that is gaining rapid mainstream popularity among sportsmen and women as well as everyday people who just want to live a healthier life that is pain free.

Your doctor of chiropractic has spent a great deal of time and education to learn the body and how best to serve it and you.

The doctor of chiropractic works with the spine and nervous system. Chiropractors were the first to recognize that spinal bones (Vertebrae), twist slightly out of place, which in turn causes pressure on the nerve roots (or nervous system), which is called a “Subluxation”.

This creates altered physiology resulting in inflammation and irritation. We can help you by analyzing, locating and removing the subluxation through gentle chiropractic adjustments.

New Patients

When you visit your chiropractor for the first time, quite often you’ll find a wide array of medical history paperwork to be filled out. The new patient forms which you need may be downloaded prior to your first chiropractic visit and hand carried with you, or emailed to our offices.

Our chiropractic information pages, as well as our blog offer education about the kinds of problems which chiropractic can treat or prevent, what you can expect from your treatments and your visit to the chiropractor, as well as the options for payment.

Forms & Information

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