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Therapy Services

Rehabilitative Therapies at Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness Center

At our Ambler office we offer the latest treatments for chronic pain resulting from an automotive accident, work related injury as well as common every day injuries including slips and falls. We will assist and monitor progressive strengthening with a goal to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Techniques are utilized focusing on simple stretching, strengthening and balance tools. We also offer a full array of therapeutic modalities including hydrotherapy, manual therapy, ultrasound, functional electrical stimulation and intersegmental traction.


Allows patients to enjoy some of the benefits of massage without undressing. During a 5 to 15 minute session of hydrotherapy a person comfortably lies down onto a water filled bed that heated.  While on their back they feel the jet spray of water within the bed moving up and down the length of the body in a massaging manner.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy or manipulative therapy is a physical treatment primarily used on the neuromusculoskeletal system to treat pain and disability. It most commonly includes kneading and manipulation of muscles and joint mobilization. Specialized Techniques include Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder Technique), Deep Tissue Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, Sports Massage and More.


Ultrasound is an extremely high frequency sound that is unable to be heard by human ears. The use of ultrasound in alternative medicine is known as therapeutic ultrasonography. Ultrasonography is the use of high frequency sounds to visualize subcutaneous structures within the body including tendons, joints, muscles, vessels and internal organs. The use of ultrasound induces hyperemia or increased blood flow caused by heat reducing  inflammation. Gentle vibration of tissues also stimulates cell membranes which aids in the repairing of inflamed areas.

Ultrasound is a therapy that is utilized in the office to handle injuries related to joints, muscle spasms, as well as most soft tissues. While it shares the same name, this ultrasound is not the same as the type of ultrasound utilized diagnostically to screen internally in the body. This ultrasound creates small sound waves that in effect vibrate and massage soft tissues and muscle. These sound waves do an excellent job in facilitating the body’s healing process in addition to decreasing scar tissue formation.

Certain ultrasounds also create a heating effect to help relax the muscles or tightness in the body. This heat combined with the overall features of the ultrasound help to start the healing process at the most basic cellular level speeding up your road to recovery.

Misalignment of the spine prevents this exchange from occurring along with decreased circulation, disc thinning and degeneration of the spine.

Functional Electrical Stimulation

A technique that uses electrical currents to activate nerves innervating extremities affected by the paralysis resulting from spinal cord injury, head injury, stroke and other neurological disorders. FES is primarily used to restore function in people with disabilities. It is sometimes referred to as neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

Intersegmental Traction

A means of inducing passive motion into your spine with the intent of increasing blood flow which will then aid in the stretching of spinal joins as well as promoting mobility. Proper spinal movement also allows needed proteins and nutrients to enter the disk and waste to be removed which decreases the likelihood of bone spur formation or degenerative arthritis.