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How To Prevent Knee Problems With Chiropractic Care

By March 23, 2020April 7th, 2020No Comments

Chiropractic care is becoming an accepted form of rehabilitation for patients seeking alternative help. Healthcare trends are changing at a fast rate and to keep abreast with these it is necessary to make informed decisions. Effective treatment, previous clinical decisions, proof of the effective treatment via research findings and evidence from the internet shows that chiropractic treatment warrants the conversion by patients. Knowledge of the chiropractic practitioner is vital to achieving the desired results.

Prevent Knee Problems Later In Life

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to sore knees at a later stage of your life. In the event of having discomfort and pain in your knees, lasting in excess of two weeks, it is highly recommended that you consult a doctor. By protecting your knees at a young age, you will eliminate painful knees when you get older. Studies have shown that virtually half of adults suffer from knee arthritis in at least one knee at some stage of their life. Obesity plays a major part in this and increases the risk.

Orthopedic surgeons state that when you walk you apply three times your body weight in pressure on your knees. Running and jumping increases this to five and seven times more, respectively.

In excess of 30 percent of the American population is considered obese. The extra weight of the body puts a large strain on the knees. Contrary to belief, weight loss is a result of both diet and exercise and not solely exercise, 70% is diet and the remaining 30% is exercise. A radical change in attitude towards your refrigerator is therefore imperative to get results. A low-impact exercise program, including cycling and swimming, can minimize strain on the knees compared to more strenuous exercise forms like aerobics and running. Strengthening your core muscles (pelvic, abs and back), will also sustain healthier knees. It has been found that when the core muscles are strong, your posture and positioning of your feet on the ground when walking is far better. This is also relevant when you perform general tasks, for example, walking down the stairs.

Footwear is of great importance, as the base of your shoes offers a stable balance for the foot on the ground, which in turn relieves the stress on the knees. Research has shown that footwear plays a paramount role and that purchasing orthotics or specially made shoes is beneficial and is on the increase. To avoid knee problems, a lifestyle change will be to your advantage in the long run and may prevent knee arthritis and an eventual knee replacement.