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“No Crack” Chiropractic Approach

By March 23, 2020April 7th, 2020No Comments

A “No Crack” Approach

Many people have a preconceived idea of what chiropractic care is all about. But, they may be surprised to know that chiropractors often use alternative techniques to help relieve pain. Many of our patients prefer a “No Crack” approach. This is a gentle form of chiropractic therapy that includes moist heat, massage therapy, stretching, neuromuscular stimulation, hydrotherapy and more.

At Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we use modern-day technology to stimulate deep muscles to relax and take the pressure off the nervous system.  In addition, we use manual therapy, massage therapy, nutrition, traction, exercise, and education on lifestyle changes to help you achieve your best results.

Dr. Schwartz also holds advanced certifications in Graston soft tissue therapy and the use of other specialized tools included Arthostim and Kinesio taping.

Many of our pediatric and elderly patients, as well as individuals with little experience with chiropractics, prefer this method.

Call (215) 283-2844 Today to schedule a consultation at our Ambler Chiropractic center to discuss gentle therapy services including massage therapy by one of our skilled massage therapists.