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Chiropractics & Massage: The Benefits Of Sports Massage

sports massageMuch like a misaligned spine can lead to overcompensation, causing tightness in your muscles, tight and overworked muscles can fail to support your musculoskeletal system properly, leading to spinal misalignment or other injuries.

As an athlete, it is important to treat your body as a whole, by focusing on allowing it to relax and recover just as much as you focus on building up your strength and endurance. At Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Ambler, PA, Dr. Richard Schwartz and his team of licensed sports massage therapists can provide targeted deep tissue massage that will allow your body to recover quicker and more fully, which will greatly improve your athleticism and performance.

While sports massage is technically a deep tissue massage, you need to see a massage therapist who is licensed specifically in sports massage in order to ensure you are receiving the best possible treatment and potentially avoiding unnecessary injury. One of the main differences between sports and standard deep tissue massage is the incorporation of stretches in the treatment, allowing your muscles, joints, and bones to work together to relax, stretch, and heal.

In addition to feeling a more thorough recovery, sports massage can also lead to better athletic performance, improved flexibility, and could even help your body protect itself from future injury.

Some athletes may be looking to a massage to help them recover quicker and improve their athleticism, while others may be seeking help with healing after a sports-related injury. Regardless of what brings you into our office, you can rest assured that our team of licensed specialists can come up with the ideal massage therapy plan to keep your body healthy and strong.

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