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Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic Care Benefits The Whole Family

By March 23, 2020April 7th, 2020No Comments

Chiropractic care is a family affair for parents and children. Chiropractic care is a holistic, drug-free form of health care that thousands of people around the world use to get well and stay healthy naturally.

While most people choose chiropractic care for themselves as adults, many are beginning to learn of the health benefits for infants and children, as well.

Although chiropractic is extremely effective for pain relief, people continue to benefit from chiropractic care well after their aches and pains have diminished.

Chiropractors can help with a number of common pediatric issues, including reflux, colic, chronic fluid in the ears, ear infections, torticollis, general fussiness/discomfort, latching/breastfeeding issues, sleeping issues, bed wetting, constipation and general wellness.

Regardless of the health complaint, the premise behind WHY we adjust a person is the same, no matter their age, size or shape. Our main goal is detecting spinal misalignments (subluxations), which are caused by physical, chemical and emotional stresses, starting from birth and accumulating over time.

These stresses can depress the immune system and irritate spinal nerves, causing a disconnect between the brain and body communicating properly. This leads to the spinal nerves functioning at less than 100 percent of their optimal level to your muscles, organs and entire body system.

For example, the nerves that exit at the very top level of the spine (C1/atlas) affect many different parts of the head and neck, including the middle and inner ear. It is common for children who have chronic fluid in their ears or recurring ear infections to also have a misaligned C1 vertebrae. When the misalignment is corrected by a gentle, specific adjustment, the nerves can send the proper messages to the inner and middle ear, allowing them to relax and drain properly.

When the nervous system is clearly functioning, it’s better equipped to heal naturally. Often, the use of drugs or invasive procedures can be reduced or completely eliminated when chiropractic healing begins. We use specialized techniques to safely analyze and gently adjust babies and children with a much lighter and more delicate approach than the regular adjustment an adult would receive.

Benefits for the expectant mother are also plentiful. Removing the causes of stress in the spine and pelvis can allow for optimal spinal alignment and positioning of the baby for birth. If there is uterine tension, there is a greater chance that the baby may move into a posterior, transverse or breech position. This is a common reason why many women are forced into having an unwanted or unplanned C-section.

There are chiropractic techniques, including the Webster Technique, that encourage proper alignment of the pelvis and sacrum, which relieve intrauterine tension, allowing the baby to return to the head-down position. This affords the expectant mom the option of delivering vaginal.