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Can A Chiropractor Help Sinus Headaches?

can a chiropractor help sinus headaches

Young woman with sinus pressure pain

As we make our way through allergy season, many patients call our offices asking, “Can a chiropractor help sinus headaches go away?”

Most allergy sufferers also wind up with sinus headaches and infections as a result of their reaction to allergens. Still others suffer from these painful pressure headaches due to other causes, such as a misalignment in the spine or an injury. Scheduling a visit to a chiropractor can help alleviate, and even rid yourself of, that pain behind your nose and eyes.

Dr. Richard Schwartz at Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Ambler, PA is an expert at providing relief from sinus headaches. During your visit, he will inspect your spine to check for underlying nerve issues. Sometimes, sinus headaches are caused by nerves being pinched by misaligned vertebrae in the spine. A quick, targeted adjustment to the upper spine can oftentimes provide instant relief from headache pain.

For those who may need their sinuses drained due to allergies or an infection, this can also be done by Dr. Schwartz. Buildup in the sinuses is caused by blockages in the nasal passages, and a gentle adjustment of your facial bones can free those passages up, relieving pressure from the area.

Many people live with the pain of sinus headaches, assuming there is no cure for them and that treatment only comes by taking over-the-counter drugs. Know that there is a more holistic treatment for your pain that can ultimately provide the long-term relief you’ve been seeking.

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