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Dr Schwartz – Chiropractor

Dr. Schwartz is a chiropractor who believes true healthcare is the commitment a person makes to him or herself to stay in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance for the purpose of experiencing life 100%. Dr. Schwartz believes good health is about respecting your body, paying attention to what it is telling you, and then giving it what it needs for the sake of self-preservation and prevention rather than crisis care.

Dr. Schwartz comes from a family with four chiropractors and has over 13 years experience. He has worked closely with renowned Neurosurgeon Researcher, Dr. Jeffery Yablon, and Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Marc Allen.

Dr. Schwartz practices with techniques that can be utilized on different age groups, a wide array of conditions, post surgical patients, patients with arthritis and other spinal related diseases, so that each and every patient receives a treatment plan specifically tailored to their own individual needs. He also believes in coordinating care with primary care physicians and specialists when warranted.

In his spare time, Dr. Schwartz enjoys exercising, listening to music, movies, repair computers, and spending time with his family.

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Andrea Kocerha

Massage Therapist – Reiki Practitioner

Andrea Kocerha has been practicing massage since 2002. She studied massage at Omega Healing Arts School, received her Co-Active Life Coach Training from Coaches Training Institute, and has a BA in Communications and Theatre from Wilkes University. Andrea is also a Reiki Practitioner and a student of Raphaelite Work, an energetic healing and transformation process that incorporates breath, touch and presence.

In addition to her training, Andrea has worked with several chiropractic practices, and has experience treating a wide variety of soft-tissue injuries and conditions including rotator cuff issues, frozen shoulder, piriformis syndrome, and lumbar, sacral and sciatic issues, among others. She also works with Philadelphia Hospice and Visiting Nurses Association to provide hospice massage to terminally ill patients.

Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Andrea worked in the arts and entertainment industry for 20 years. After reaching a point of work and life burnout which resulted in physical health issues, she re-created her life and re-aligned with her life-purpose to nurture and support others through physical and emotional transitions.  She brings humor, compassion, experience and active listening to each treatment session along with the intention to help people feel better in their bodies and their lives.

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Danielle Unger

Massage Therapist – Reiki Practitioner

Danielle moved to the Philadelphia area 2 years ago from upstate New York and enjoys cooking, reading and yoga. She has been a licensed Massage Therapist since 2004 and she incorporates Massage Therapy and yoga into her daily life.

Danielle feels that Massage Therapy is very a rewarding field to  be  a part of and is fortunate to have found her passion helping people work towards a better state of well-being. She graduated  from the Academy of Massage Therapy in 2004 and is a PA licensed Massage Therapist as well as a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals Association (ABMP).

Danielle utilizes various techniques to address the specific needs of her clients. Her training extends from Deep Tissue, Sports and Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial, Prenatal, Oncology Massage and Reiki. She is very proud to be part of the dedicated professional team here at Advanced Wellness and Chiropractic.

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Daniela Bonfanti Quagliato

Massage Therapist

The Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness Center was fortunate to welcome Daniela into their Massage therapy team in early 2012.  Daniela is a licensed massage therapist with over 13 years experience and has worked with several chiropractic practices.

She is highly motivated and passionate about helping people at the root level to improve their injury and assist with the management of pain. Her energy and spirit, as well as her compassion for every patient’s personal experience, makes her a valuable asset to our office. Utilizing various techniques, Daniela is able to address the specific needs of her clients. Her training is in therapeutic and Deep tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial and Prenatal Massage.

With her diverse massage therapeutic training, Daniela would like to expand her focus in working with survivors of abuse and reintroduce them to touch through massage therapy.

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Mary Kate Gowdy

Holistic Health Practitioner and Reiki Master

Mary Kate Gowdy is an AADP board certified Holistic Health Counselor and Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher.  Her own life experiences led her to follow a spiritual calling to guide others in a holistically focused way to bring  forth  the true being within.  Mary Kate follows the philosophy that we cannot truly heal until we have opened our  eyes to every  aspect of ourselves. She works with clients to find the deep-rooted reasons to specific symptoms,  illnesses, and  disorders. Mary Kate supports her clients in bringing balance to their emotions, diet, physical  movement, work life, and  spirituality.  This in turn begins a journey of true awareness, self love, health, and  fulfillment.

Mary Kate received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Temple University.  She studied Sacred Contracts  under  Janet Hudak Boddy, OIM.  Mary Kate also studied under Reiki Master Barbara Frilling and is a Certified  Reiki Master  Practitioner and Teacher.  She graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City  in 2012, where she was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle  counseling methods.  Mary Kate is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  She offers  individual holistic health counseling and Reiki sessions to those searching for their true self, as well as emotional,  physical, and spiritual healing.  Mary Kate also holds group counseling sessions and Reiki classes.

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